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Listen to 'Glee's' bizarre 'Friday' cover

Dancin' in the front seat, Autotunin' in the back seat!

Rebecca Black's "Friday" was an unintentionally brilliant piece of conceptual art, an imitation of today's robotic pop hits so completely vapid that it served as a pitch-perfect satire of the whole teen-pop industry it was trying to impress.

So Metro was undoubtedly curious to see how the TV show "Glee," which shamelessly mocks the teen-pop industrial complex at the same time it rakes in profits from it, would handle covering the song. Would they do it straight, or wink through it? Take a listen below:

As it turns out, they did it relatively straight, adding enough synthetic adornments to make to make the song sound even more robotic. The end result is a "Friday" that, incredibly, now sounds virtually identical to every other "Glee" cover. (Hilariously, this has also had the effect of fooling all the all the teens commenting on its YouTube page that this version is actually good!)

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