Not saying whether it will haunt them in a good way or a bad way, just saying that you will never erase these images from the place where they will be burned onto your brain if you watch the above video.

When we spotted this item on Gawker this morning, we were all "um, what now?" and then "oh, wow" and then "OMFG." Because, whoa. A UK television channel aired a documentary called "Secrets of the Living Dolls" last night, which profiles grown men who — for largely unspecified reasons — don [ghoulish] rubber doll-face masks and, wait for it, anatomically correct (using the word "correct" loosely here) "femme suits" complete with grey pubes (why grey? whyyyy?) and realistic-feeling, silicone breasts.

Femme suits. Let that one marinate for a second. Are the faint strains of "Goodbye Horses" playing in your head right now? PUT THE LOTION IN THE BASKET BECAUSE FEMME SUITS ARE RUBBER AND DON'T NEED LOTION, THANKS.

Other than being creepy as hell — the masks look more like what a guy who drops by to borrow your spleen in the middle of the night would wear than a real woman's face— however, these men seem like fairly innocuous dudes, most of them explaining that they just like to feel pretty.


Mostly, this is just the most interesting fetish we've read about since TLC introduced us to the wide world of looning.

Gawker has theextended video here, which you should check out. Really, you should.

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