Logic is a much better rap name.

Logic says he almost went by the name Psychological. “My best friend [Big Lenbo] gave me the name Logic because for a while I was going with Psychological, but that’s a f—ing horrible rap name,” the 26-year-old rapper laughs. “He just started calling me Logic for short. Like who was ever going to call me that?”

The Def Jam artist, born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, released his sophomore studio album “The Incredible True Story” in November and is now on a world tour with many of the space-bound characters depicted in the cover art. He calls us after a nap on his bus in Toronto to talk about Rubik cubes, binge watching “Futurama” and his budget-blowing trip to Hawaii.

Speed demon

Logic is a self-described freak when it comes to solving a puzzle or beating that next level on a game. (He and his wife are currently hooked on an app called “Slide the Shakes,” and now sadly this writer is, as well.) However, a good old fashioned Rubik cube (or ashe prefers them by their generic name, aSpeed Cube)is what keeps Logic on his toes — one even showed up in his album art illustrated by Sam Spratt.


“Someone got me [a Rubik cube] as a present in 2014 on Thanksgiving,” he explains. “I stayed up and taught myself how to solve it within 16 hours. I looked up all the algorithms and tutorials until i could do it. And then I learned the faster way and the easier way and the shortcut way. I memorized all the tricks and patterns.”

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Now Logic can solve a standard Rubik cube in 35-40 seconds, but says his personal best is 23 seconds.

“Currently I’m working on a mirror cube that a fan brought me. I knew I had to learn how to do it, and it took me about two and a half hours that first time,” he tells us. “I’m a persistent motherf—.”

Fifteen tickets to paradise

For his second studio record, Logic decided to take a 15-person trip to Hawaii to finish the album. He estimates it cost around $100,000, a budget-busting excursion the rapper treated his crew (his managers, his back-up singers, his family, etc.) to in order to achieve the real life “paradise” described in the album’s conceptual narrative.

While “The Incredible True Story” is more of a space odyssey than a trip to a private beach, Logic says the flight portion of the experience inspired him as well.

“We obviously flew to Hawaii and I have a huge fear of flying,” he explains. “I had never flown for personal reasons. Everywhere I started flying — I took my first flight when I was — was for a business reason, like shows or festivals or you have to go to Europe for whatever. For this trip, I face my fears and white-knuckle through it.”

Cartoon cravings

Logic says he grew up watching anime and bounty hunter series, “Cowboy Bebop,” inspired him to make an album about space. In a similar vein, the rapper is a huge fan of Matt Groening’s “Futurama” and even named his corgi after Philip J. Fry.

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But he can’t quite pinpoint a favorite episode. “It’s so extensive and there are so many great ones,” he muses. “There’s one in season five where Professor Farnsworth has a parallel universe inside a box. They’re all looking at these bizarro versions of themselves and someone says, ’It's like that drug trip I saw in that movie while I was on a drug trip,” and I thought that writing was so smart and so funny. It’s like almost every season is a completely different show.”

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