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Despite earlier reports that One Direction's first parent, Louis Tomlinson, would be springing for a lavish $10 million mansion for Briana Jungwirth and their newborn son, the British pop star has apparently settled on a "modest" three-bedroom house — as in it cost less than a million — in Calabasas, California, a celebrity-friendly enclave north of Los Angeles, according to TMZ. And apparently it's up to her to cover the cost of furnishing the home. That's cold.

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Tomlinson himself is said to be renting a much, much nicer place to stay in L.A. proper so he can be closer to his son — but not super-close, apparently. Oh, and then there's the child support, which the exes are reportedly in the process of working out, with Jungwirth reportedly looking for $600,000 a year, according to TMZ's sources. She did hear that the band just split up, right? Maybe rein in the expectations a little?

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