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YG and Nipsey Hussle released a Donald Trump diss track in spring, months before he secured the Republican nomination. And now that the RNC made it official, they’re back! With friends!

Macklemore and G-Eazy join the remix of “FDT (F*ck Donald Trump),” which dropped this morning on Soundcloud, adding such verses as:

"Your politics are like a Starburst pack/Nobody f—ks with the orange one/Bannin' all Muslims?/Aight, bool/What if we ban all the white dudes?/Because a couple have run up in trenchcoats and rifles/And killed in the name of Jesus Christ at the high school."



“This man's not peaceful, racism's equal / This manhates Muslims, that's a billion f—ing people”

The original FDT showed up online in March, after Nipsey and YG were feeling particularly riled up over Trump's comments on immigrants. Rather, as Nipsey told Billboard, "Overall just hearing his stance on Hispanic people, especially being from L.A. Him being so vocal and one-sided on how he feels about Mexican people as far as categorizing [them] as illegal immigrants and that they make no positive contributions to the country. Number one, I’m from L.A. so I grew up with Mexican people and number two, I see Mexican people at all my concerts that really support. I felt like they needed somebody to ride for ‘em."

Check out the track below.

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