"I believe, like Superman’s cape, that you should dress so that you feel better," MFrank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Sure, we obsessed over the storylines, but we were also seduced by the fashion of “Mad Men.” Don’s suave, sharp suits, Joan’s curve-magnifying pencil skirts, Peggy’s quirky two-piece sets — the employees of Sterling, Cooper & Partners didn’t show up to work in everyday jeans and T-shirts. They dressed to rule Madison Avenue. Here are the fashion tips to take away from the show, according to creator Matthew Weiner.


The whole thing about office culture is being prepared to make a change during the day to spruce up.


Keep a tie in your desk. You can always put on a tie with the knot pulled down and look better than you look without a tie at all.


Always have a dress from the dry cleaner in your office. Have a change of clothes in whatever minimal way you can make accessible during the day.


Sunglasses! They’re fun to buy, they’re not that expensive, and they can instantly make you look like you have an outfit on. I don’t know how I feel about the hat thing, but sunglasses are a great way to have an outfit. And your size in sunglasses never changes, so you can’t get depressed when you go to the store.


A watch is a great thing.

I don’t think men should be afraid of rings, either. Almost all of the characters except for Don wear rings — not just wedding rings.

BONUS TIP: Take a nap (if you can without getting fired). I always let everybody take a nap. I always take a nap. Don Draper took a nap 15 minutes into the pilot.