Everything to know about Madden 19
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Madden 19 is coming this month from Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) — and this one has "next level visuals," enhanced control and more.

Here’s everything to know about this year’s newest version of EA’s Madden.

Plus, watch an epic, celebrity-studded Madden 19 trailer released on August 2.

Madden 19 features

Madden 19 is coming to the PS4, PC and Xbox One this month.


Not to mention, this is reportedly the first time Madden NFL is offered on PC in over a decade.

New animation technology known as Real Player Motion (RPM) — "designed to deliver hyper-realistic animations with a higher level of gameplay" — is expected to enhance the Madden experience.

"Fans eager to control [Antonio Brown] and other NFL stars will see the immediate benefits of Real Player Motion in Madden NFL 19," explains an EA news release. "RPM technology will give fans even more control of in-game moves and immersive animations, making AB and other players move and act like their real-life counterparts as they charge through the game, showcasing their unique personalities, mannerisms and, of course, celebrations."

The game will also reportedly provide a sequel to Madden 18’s single-player story-mode, "Longshot" (a first for Madden). 

The return of Longshot: Homecoming will give players "more control over Devin Wade and Colt Cruise’s football quest with more NFL gameplay, more ways to impact the story, new storylines and the ability to continue their Longshot journey within Franchise and Ultimate Team."

To refresh on Madden rules, click through to the EA website — and view more from US Gamer on seven key things you need to know about this year’s version of Madden before playing.

Madden 19 cover star

The cover star on the standard Madden 19 and Madden NFL Overdrive is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown said that, "appearing on the cover of this year’s games, it’s clear that business is not just booming, but I’m also among the all-time greatest with these honors."

Watch the Madden 19 trailer

The Madden 19 trailer features famous faces like Nicki Minaj, Lil Dicky and Quavo.

It tells the story of Will, a Madden gamer who made the "greatest play call ever" and proceeds to live the life of his dreams where everyone knows his name. 

Watch the Madden 19 trailer below:

Madden 19 reviews

Madden 19 is already available with subscriptions to Xbox's EA Access and PC's Origin Access.

These early access gamers got a chance to try out the new Madden game.

One player from PC Gamer rated it at 75/100 but gave high praise to the Longshot: Homecoming story-mode.

A reviewer for US Gamer gave it 3.5 stars out of 5, writing, "Madden 19 is a solid, if occasionally ragged, follow-up to last year’s big transition to Frostbite. The improvements to the animation and franchise mode stand out, but Longshot: Homecoming feels like a step back from last year’s ambitious introduction."

IGN writes of the verdict, "Madden 19 returns the primary focus where it belongs: that moment-to-moment gameplay between the end zones. It’s only true stumbling point is the lackluster story mode that fails to recapture the magic of the first, but that's entirely offset by the new player handling that once again leverages the power of the Frostbite engine."

Madden 19 release date

Gamers who don’t have early access subscriptions, can start playing on Friday, August 10. This standard edition of the game costs $59.99. Pre-order it on the EA website.

The Madden 19 Hall of Fame edition (with Terrell Owens on the cover), is available for purchase on August 7. This version of Madden 19 costs $79.99.

In addition, a Madden NFL Overdrive update is available for iOS and Android on August 15.

Get to gamin' so you can make one "heck of a play call." 

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