Although it’s been less than a year since he released his debut album, singer/producer Ryan Leslie put out his follow-up effort, “Transition,” last week. So what’s the rush?

“When the inspiration hits you, you capture. This summer I threw myself into the pursuit of a woman. She inspired this entire album,” the R&B crooner explains of the 11 lusty love songs on which he vies to win over this unattainable diva. (He even made a film based on it.) But don’t feel too bad for the bachelor — it’s all part of his master plan for world domination.

Is multimedia marketing still playing an integral part in your creative process?

Of course. Really, the reason why I’ve had any success at all is because I put my studio process online. How else do you have a global audience at your fingertips?


Following up on the album’s concept — have you found someone?

There’s a song on my album called “Never Gonna Break Up,” and it says, “I want a girl who still looks good with no makeup, and when I find her I promise I’m never going to break up.” I’m still waiting for that moment.

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