Rarely when en route to a public restroom do we experience a holy vision, but this is what happened for Dave Simons, who bore witness to the face of Jesus on a toilet door. The Glasgow man was shop- ping for curtains at his local Ikea store and went to relieve himself before spotting the divine image on the wooden door.


“I went in to the toilet and there it was on the main door. I said: ‘Oh my word, it’s Jesus’. I tried to subtly snap a photo because the last thing you want to do is to be heard tak- ing a photo in a toilet, saysDave Simons, 33, movie prop man from Glasgow, Scotland.


There is a science to this: facial pareidolia is the psy- chological phenomenon to see familiar faces in random places. And for Simons, he sees Jesus. But for others, they see a fictional fantasy movie character. “I think it looks like Jesus but some of my friends think it looks more like one of the tree people from The Lord of the Rings,” he says.