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'Eaten Alive' fails to live up to title

Viewers balk at Discovery show not actually showing man eaten alive, despite hype

Naturalist Paul Rosolie, who has some explaining to do.

Timothy A.Clary/AFP

Fans are peeved that Discovery's much-hyped special "Eaten Alive" did not actually feature a man getting eaten alive by an snake. After weeks of promotion — and more than a little protest from animal rights groups — the special finally aired highlighting Paul Rosolie'sattempts to "enter the belly of an anaconda," as the network promised. Yeah, about that.

As disappointed viewers witnessed during the two-hour special, the anaconda in question got about as far as Rosolie's helmet before he cried uncle. "I started to feel the blood drain out of my hand and I felt the bone flex, and when I got to the point where I felt like it was going to snap I had to tap out," Rosolie said. Which would fine — safety first and all — except for how the show had been promoted. How big of a let down was this, exactly? We'll let Twitter take it from here.

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