Clearly this man was inspired by Hamlet.

A man in Kentucky was arrested for trying to dig up his fathers corpse so he could argue with him, police say.
The man, a clearly lovely 44-year-old gentleman named Michael May told police that his father had died 30 years ago.
“The cemetery registry lists 13 people with the last name of May buried at that location. Willis Green May was the only one who died around 30 years ago -- on Nov. 23, 1983 -- but it's not clear if he was Michael May's father,” NBC reports. “A man named Eugene May was the last person ever buried at Pilot Baptist, in 2002.”
May was arrested on charges of public drunkenness, desecrating a grave, and possession of marijuana.
Fathers, be sure to hug your sons every now and then, unless you want them to dig you up after you die.