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Mariah Carey is one of the best-selling female artists of all time. She leads a glamorous life full of red carpet events and multiplatinum hits, and soon she'll be married to a billionaire.


But the pop superstar’s family life is far from perfect. Over the weekend, her estranged sister, Alison Carey, was arrested for prostitution in Saugerties, N.Y.


According to US Weekly, Alison was working out of a local hotel for a week, using online ads to attract customers. The Daily Freeman reported one of the ads even referenced lyrics to Mariah’s hit song, “Fantasy.”


When she was arrested, Alison identified herself as Mariah’s sister, but the two have been estranged.

Earlier this year, Alison, who is also HIV-positive, begged Mariah for help in a video plea released by The Daily Mail: “Mariah I love you, and I desperately need your help, please don’t abandon me like this.”

What would you do if you were Mariah?