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Mariah Yeater, Bieber's (alleged) baby mama, speaks out on the drama

Mariah Yeater repeats her claim that the pop icon, Justin Bieber is the father of her baby -- and insists she'll take a lie detector test.

20-year-old California woman Mariah Yeater has been inciting a lot of buzz in recent weeks, claiming that teen pop star Justin Bieber is the father of her four-month-old baby. Soon after Yeater announced her allegations, Bieber announced that he is ready and willing to take a paternity test and lay the drama to rest -- he is scheduled to do so within the next two weeks.

While the mounting evidence that suggests that Yeater and Bieber have never met -- Bieber's security guard who had been accompanying him throughout the
night, has insisted not only that hasn't he ever seen Yeater, but that
Bieber never left his sight on the night in question -- Yeater is adamant that she is telling the truth and insists she has proof.

In a series of interviews for The Insider, Yeater made her allegations quite clear, all the while maintaining a stern expression and even shed a tear. Do you think she's credible? Take a look:

In light of the many holes being poked in her story, Yeater insists she is willing to take a lie
detector test. Wonder how she'll do?

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