Meet Katrina Darling, Kate Middleton’s burlesque dancing cousin. The 21-year-old royal relative works at a Barclays bank branch in London, but at night she’s one of the top burlesque dancers in London. On March 13, 2012, she’s taking her "God Save the Queen" routine to New York City in a one night only appearance at the "Dropout" party at W.I.P., a local nightclub and venue. “We invited her because first of all she’s gorgeous,” said promoter Lyle Derek told Metro World News. "We feel that she’s such a true punk, we’re looking to get more into burlesque. It wasn’t just the angle of her being related to Kate Middleton." The dancer and the Duchess of Cambridge are related through her grandmother, who is the sister of Middleton's great-grandfather. Darling didn’t know she was related to Middleton until the royal couple got engaged.


“Honestly… she found out about Kate Middleton from the press,” Derek said. She does not care; she just does her burlesque thing. She’s having fun, and the (relationship) is kind of a cute little after thought to her.”


“She’s a true punk and really having fun,” Derek said. “We really want that energy.”