Meet Middle Brother — the newest and most unassuming indie-rock supergroup. Comprised of the lead singers of Deer Tick, Delta Spirit and Dawes, each member has a recent critically acclaimed album and a word-of-mouth following. On their own, they are loved and respected. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.


With John J. McCauley III (of Deer Tick) delivering his ragged, tattered longing, Matt Vasquez (of Delta Spirit) presenting his socially-conscious, coarse soulful croon, and Taylor Goldsmith (of Dawes) known for his soft-spoken, yet hard-hitting ballads of heartache, the trio’s distinctive styles combine for an album with moments of country-honk, folk, rock and Americana.

“Middle Brother happened when Dawes was opening for Deer Tick,” notes Goldsmith. “We became good friends, and respect each other musically. He called me a couple of months later and came up with the idea to go to Nashville and record together. Right before that, Matt Vasquez, who is a good friend of mine, called me and said, ‘I’m not doing anything right now, do you want to make some songs together?’ Matt and John had never met before, so I ran it by John when I got to Nashville. At that point it very quickly became everybody’s project.”

Despite each band’s intense tour schedules, the Middle Brother triumvirate found time to convene in Nashville for a primarily impromptu songwriting and recording session last year.

“I called John and said ‘I have two or three ideas put together,’ and John said, ‘Oh man, I don’t have anything.’ But that was part of the idea of the project, to go there with nothing.”

Middle Brother
Tonight, 8 p.m.
The Paradise
967 Comm. Ave., Boston
$20, 800-745-3000

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