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Not only are memes changing the way we use our social platforms, but they’re quite literally affecting our personal lives. Some universities are even offering classes on the subject – if you believe what we read in a meme once.

For the oldies who have no idea what we're talking about: Merriam-Webster defines a meme as "an amusing or interesting item (such as a captioned picture or video) or genre of items that is spread widely online especially through social media." So basically, a much funnier intrepatation is made from what is actually going on.

Not only are they hilarious, relatable and stupid, but memes can also forge special bonds. You know what we’re talking about — like when you see a meme that’s so funny, you just have to tag someone in it because it either A) reminds you of a certain someone or B) because you know they’ll think it’s funny too. And then they return the favor, because that’s your boy and memes have become your thing.

To honor this truly special connection between humans and memes, we've rounded up a list of the 5 most underrated meme accounts on Instagram. And we're going beyond the typical powerhouse accounts because, to be honest, we’re over baby goats doing parkour on our newsfeeds and timelines. Besides, with these accounts, you will have a reliable source of laughs and a distraction to keep you from doing anything remotely productive, ever. 


1. @drgrayfang

A well deserved 519K followers for the man who “previously lived in a vagina for almost a year.” Nice. And the memes he creates are just as clever too. They're a perfect articulation of the crazy s–t we've done – or thought about. 


you're hired (follow @drgrayfang)

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2. @landing.strip

This page promises “100% organic grade A original content” — and that’s exactly what we like to see. Expect some painfully awkward and tragic scenarios that really hit home from this one.


word for word my bumble bio ➡️[@landing.strip] ⬅️

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3. @glamntrashy_xo

Basic bitches, enter at your own risk. If you and your girlfriends consider tagging each other in memes all day as a form of communication, this is for you: expect memes that take on everything from boys and makeup to mental breakdowns and food (obviously). 



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4. @_theblessedone

Not sure if this one qualifies as underrated with a mass 768K following, but it would be disrespectful not to spread the word of the “blessed one.” And what meme lover can deny a bio that reads “laughs on the daily?” 


Well, I am hungry

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5. @drinksforgayz

Don’t let the account name fool you. It's geared for anyone with a good sense of humor. A word of advice, though: Don't go browsing this one in public unless you're OK with laughing uncontrollably and getting the stank eye from strangers. 


Well, shit.

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