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Mila Kunis is making the talk show rounds for the first time since giving birth to daughter Wyatt four months ago — and apparently Wyatt was quite the whopper. "She's a really good baby. She was 9.5 pounds when she was born," Kunis tells Ellen DeGeneres during an interview. "Because she was so big, she was a like a hearty little thing." That is putting it lightly. And apparently having a baby that big can throw off your planning. "Newborn never happened. Newborn diapers never happened and newborn clothes never happened," Kunis explains. "She's 4 months old and wears 6-month clothing, 6 to 9. She's a big girl, y'all." Sure, fine, but when did Kunis start saying "y'all"?

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Kuniswas more than happy to gush about her daughter and the job Ashton Kutcher has been doing as a first-time dad — "He became a master swaddler. He can swaddle anyone's baby," she offered. "If your baby needs to be swaddled, he will do it." But when it came to their marital status — and that interesting New Year's Instagrampost — Kunisgets cagey.

​ "I don't know! I don't know! I don't know," she responds to excessive prodding from DeGeneres. "We could just be a plural. My daughter has his last name legally. So thus there's multiple Kutchers. He has a brother that is a Kutcher."​ None of which answers DeGeneres' valid question of if they were already married, why would it be such a secret?


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