Actress Mischa Barton attends the Jaguar nextGetty Images

Poor, poor Mischa Barton.

The erstwhile star of “The O.C.” has had her fair share of troubles lately.

First, there was that whole thing where she claimed she was drugged with GHB after she was hospitalized for acting super bizarrely in her backyard.

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Now, TMZ is reporting that the actress literally drove her U-Haul truck into an apartment building. Okay, girl.

Barton apparently moved out of her West Hollywood apartment last Wednesday, and on Friday was driving to another building in the area when she uh, misjudged the height of the carport and crashed the U-Haul into the top of it.

So, was she just driving around her U-Haul around for two days aimlessly before moving into her new spot? We could think of a few better uses of our time — rewatching “50 Shades Darker” on an infinite loop, perhaps. That would be better. More tortuous, but better.

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Good luck to Barton, and honestly? We hope she gets well soon because she is kind of a mess.

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