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Motörhead, Girl Talk, Chromeo and Huey Lewis all guest on the February MMMPod!

Can Metro Music Editor Pat Healy speak Girl Talk?

Listen to Metro Music Editor Pat Healy try his hand at making a mash-up in tribute to the February MMMPod’s guest of honor, Girl Talk.

We also take you on a tour of our talks with Gregg Gillis over the years, beginning when he was a biomedical engineer. And an MMMPod would not be complete without a Moment of Truth™ or a Holy Craft®! We subject Lemmy from Motörhead to the former, and allow Dave One from Chromeo to choose the latter. Click that little arrow right between the face of Gillis and the face of Kurt Cobain.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention we have some interesting Nirvana stuff on this edition! Check it out!

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