Poor Alicia Vikander. Even though she has done absolutely nothing wrong, and was in fact just doing her job by posing for the poster for her latest film “Tomb Raider,” she is currently being mercilessly mocked online for it.  

That’s all because an overzealous photo-shopper that worked on the “Tomb Raider” poster elongated her neck to such a ridiculous extent that the good people of the internet immediately started poking fun. You can see exactly why below.

Alicia Vikander neck photoshop fail

Now do you see the problem? While there’s no denying the fact that Alicia Vikander looks the part as Lara Croft, upon closer examination the unnatural length of the actress’ neck becomes more and more apparent. After a while the rest of the poster becomes obsolete, and her neck is the only thing that you can look at. That’s clearly how plenty of people on Twitter felt, too, judging from their reaction.




You’ll be able to check that Vikander’s neck is still a normal length when the first trailer for “Tomb Raider” drops on its official Twitter page. “Tomb Raider” will be released into cinemas on March 16, 2018.