Black Panther box office
[Image: Marvel Studios]

Every new Marvel is expected to make hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office.


But the levels of expectations for “Black Panther” have just risen exponentially, as Fandango have confirmed that it has sold more advance tickets in their first day on sale than any other film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


In fact, the rush for “Black Panther” tickets was so hectic that not even the Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia in the film, could get her hands on one. The “12 Years A Slave” actress took to Twitter to share her frustration.


We’re sure Marvel will sort her out with one, though.


Fandango have confirmed that in the first 24 hours since “Black Panther” tickets went on sale it managed to overtake the advance sales of “Captain America: Civil War.” While it should be pointed out that only Fandango have released such details, it’s safe to assume that other sites probably experienced a similar surge in demand, too.

Considering that “Captain America: Civil War” ultimately went on to make $1.153 billion at the box office, and is currently the fourth highest grossing film of the 17 entries to the MCU, Marvel will be very, very encouraged by these numbers.

“Black Panther” ultimately matching “Civil War’s” box office numbers is probably a bit of a stretch. Receipts are usually down in January and February, as audiences are put off by the colder weather and have a little less money after Christmas.

It’s more likely that the film will rival the return of “Deadpool,” which was released in the middle of February back in 2016, and still grossed $783.1 million. Or “Logan,” which was released on March 3 last year, and made $616.8 million.

Both of these films profited from great reviews and word of mouth. So if “Black Panther” can achieve a similar response from critics and audiences alike, too, then it could prove to be one of Marvel’s most successful films yet.

We’ll finally see just how much money “Black Panther” makes when it is finally released on February 16.