Christian Bale sat in a chair in American Hustle
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The latest photos of Christian Bale prove that the actor is once again putting his body on the line for a movie role, as he has well and truly fattened up to play Dick Cheney in Adam McKay’s upcoming film about the former Vice President.

The British actor has wasted no time in gaining the weight to do Cheney justice, and the first snaps prove Christian Bale weight is up; he's looking rounder than usual, which immediately caused a stir online. You can check out Christian Bale’s new look in all of its glory below.



This isn’t the first time that Christian Bale has gladly allowed his weight to wildly fluctuate for a part. After being cast as Batman Bale had to put on a ridiculous amount of weight in order to reach the desired 190lbs for the superhero. Bale went a little bit too far with his eating, though, even weighing as much as 230lbs at one point.

Just before filming began Batman Begins’ crew realized that he was too big for the batsuit, so Bale then had to slim down quickly, a feat that he just about managed. But not before the Batman Begins crew had rather ingeniously started to refer to him as Fatman. Bravo.

Christian Bale was so skinny just before Batman Begins because he had already shrunk down to 121lbs for The Machinist, while for 2013’s American Hustle he also ballooned up in size, too.

The still untitled Dick Cheney film comes from the mind of Adam McKay, who Christian Bale worked with on The Big Short. Bale will be joined on the film by his previous co-stars Steve Carell (The Big Short), who will play Secretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, while The Fighter and American Hustle’s Amy Adams will portray Cheney’s wife Lynne.

Deadline previously reported that production on the film is due to begin in September, while it is scheduled to be released at some point in late 2018. 

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