Christian Bale is at it again. Over the years the British actor’s weight has repeatedly fluctuated as he has taken on more and more eclectic roles. But this might be his most drastic increase yet, as the British actor was obviously plumper during his appearance at the Telluride Film Festival last weekend.


“The Machinist”, “Batman Begins”, and “American Hustle” actor debuted his latest weight gain while out promoting his new film “Hostiles”. Bale doesn’t actually look that different in Scott Cooper’s western. Instead, Bale has been piling on the pounds for his role as the former Vice President Dick Cheney in “Backseat”, which is set to begin filming later this month.


Bale hasn’t just put on more weight, though. The Academy Award winner also debuted his dyed blonde eyebrows at the Telluride Film Festival, while Bale will almost certainly soon have his head shaved bald for the role, too. Christian Bale is re-teaming with writer and director Adam McKay for “Backseat”, having previously worked with the filmmaker on “The Big Short”. “Backseat” also stars Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, Sam Rockwell as former President George W. Bush, Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld, and Bill Pullman as Nelson Rockefeller.


It hasn’t yet been revealed whether or not the above actors have gone to the same extremes as Bale for their parts, while we’re still waiting for the exact details regarding how much Bale has actually put on. It will have to go some way to matching the 70 pounds he lost for “The Machinist” or the 100 he then gained for “Batman Begins”, though.


You can take a look back through the various different weights that Christian Bale was had for film roles by clicking through the pictures above. Starting with a shot of Bale looking in fine fettle for 2002’s “Reign Of Fire” and then ending with his much rounder shape ahead of production on “Backseat.”