Real talk: Ryan Reynolds was pretty annoying in 2016's "Deadpool." Credit: Fox

One of the most hotly anticipated movies on the planet, “Deadpool 2,” finally has a release date. The sequel to the 2016 renegade comic book picture will now arrive on June 1, 2018. Perhaps you’re stoked, because it’s your favorite movie ever — a refreshingly profane antidote to all the square superhero fare that still makes all the money. So don’t mind us if we rain on everyone’s parade by pointing out that “Deadpool” blows.

Believe us when we say we’re all for outside-the-box comic book movies. We’ve been suffering from “superhero fatigue” at least since “Thor: The Dark World” — a mess of instantly forgettable stuff that was pleasant and diverting enough yet still a waste of time.

All the same, and to be perfectly frank, most of the rebel comic book movies just haven’t been up to snuff. “Logan” was the dark and gritty one, rooted in some dusty semblance of reality and driven by a sense of grim fatalism. But its lofty ambitions only made it clear how infrequently it achieved them. The original “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “Ant-Man” and “Doctor Strange” are the weird ones, but even they are hobbled by the need to conform to the brand’s norms. Word is the Marvel Cinematic Universe will change dramatically after the fourth “Avengers,” but we’re not holding our breath.

And then there’s “Deadpool” — smarmy, smug, epically self-pleased “Deadpool.” Though he’s made great strides over the years at broadening his craft — he’s great in “The Voices” and “Mississippi Grind” — “Deadpool” has the actor revert to his “Van Wilder”/“Two Guys and a Girl” smirky phase, as though he was convinced he’s the most entertaining human on the planet. The movie is so in-your-face about being a comic book movie that’s not your typical comic book movie that the only sane response is to call bulls—.


Or so we thought. As it turned out, audiences ate it up, and now it’s as big a franchise as any random Marvel outing. And so here comes “Deadpool 2,” which at least will have Josh Brolin as the baddie named Cable — an excellent choice, though we are sad that Michael Shannon, previously in the running, didn’t get the gig. And those of us naysayers will once again have to endure all this talk about how “Deadpool” is the most original superhero movie ever. And it's not.

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