Doug Liman, Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise
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Doug Liman is one of the most distinctive and entertaining filmmakers currently working in Hollywood. Those of you looking for proof just need to watch his latest film “American Made”, which re-teams the director with his “Edge Of Tomorrow” leading man Tom Cruise.


The duo clearly rather enjoy each other’s company, because they have both already confirmed that they will work together again on a follow-up to “Edge Of Tomorrow”, which will have the rather impressive title of “Live Die Repeat And Repeat”. Intrigue over the film only increased when Doug Liman previously described it as both a sequel and a prequel.


During my discussion with the director last month I quizzed Liman about “Edge Of Tomorrow 2”, and he insisted that rather than trying to rehash what made the original so good he actually wants the film to be “smaller and smarter.”


“Sequels can best be described as trying to do the same thing, but a little less good. And I’ve always thought about what it would be like to do a sequel that’s smaller and smarter than the original film.”


Don’t expect “Edge Of Tomorrow 2” to be the first of numerous sequels, though, because Liman was quick to insist that they’re only proceeding with the blockbuster because screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie came up with an ingenious way of expanding the story, which he believes is still not done.


“We have a great story that we just love. We’re not making a sequel to start a franchise. We realized that our story is not done. We ended the movie with her not knowing who she is, and Chris McQuarrie came up with a great story, and I can’t wait to make it.”

Unfortunately, Liman still isn’t exactly sure when they will actually get around to shooting “Live Die Repeat And Repeat”, as he, Cruise, and Emily Blunt are all extremely busy with other projects. However, Liman insisted that the trio are extremely “passionate” about shooting it.

“Emily is busy. Tom’s shooting something, I’m shooting something. But the three of us are passionate about shooting it.”

Fingers crossed production will begin sooner rather than later, as “Edge Of Tomorrow” was one of the most pulsating and smartly orchestrated blockbusters in recent memory.

In the meantime, you can get your fix of Doug Liman and Tom Cruise by watching “American Made”, which is is cinemas now.