Allen Leech talks Downton Abbey movie
[Image: ITV]

Allen Leech has opened up about the Downtown Abbey movie, insisting Julian Fellowes has written an epic script for the television series’ move to the big-screen.

“That is why it has taken 3 years to get it right,” Leech explained to me over the phone when I recently talked to him about his performance as Paul Prenter in “Bohemian Rhapsody.” 

Right at the end of our conversation I quizzed Leech about the upcoming “Downton Abbey” movie, specifically asking the actor, who played Tom Branson over the course of six seasons, what will make it different to the TV show. 

“We wanted to make sure that the story was big enough to be on the big screen and take it off from the small screen.”


“Because you are asking people to walk out of their living rooms to watch the movie. We wanted to make sure that the story was big enough and epic enough that it would warrant a full movie.”

Leech insists that’s exactly what screenwriter Julian Fellowes, director Michael Engler, and director of photography Ben Smithard have created with the “Downton Abbey” movie. 

“We definitely got that from the script that we just made. That was the biggest difference. The scale of everything.”

“’Downton’ always looked sublime, but the Director Of Photography that has been working on it, Ben Smithard, and Michael Engler, who is directing it, are both amazing.”

“Engler has directed ‘Downton’ and ‘Sex And The City,’ so he knows how to do big productions. It is much, much bigger in scale in every way.”

But Leech believes there is one main reason why everyone should be excited for the “Downton Abbey” movie and can have absolutely no complaints about it. 

“Plus Maggie Smith is there. So no-one can complain.”

Hear, hear. 

“Downton Abbey” will be released on September 13, 2019. 


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