Jordan Vogt Roberts at the Kong: Skull Island premiere
[Photo: Getty]

While Kong: Skull Island certainly had its flaws, most viewers were more than happy with its spellbinding visuals and monster madness to forgive these discrepancies. That didn’t stop it from being lampooned by the online video series CinemaSins, which released a nearly 20-minute long video on Tuesday that listed all of the 146 “sins” in the blockbuster.


Jordan Vogt Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island, was far from pleased when this CinemaSins videos was brought to his attention. Instead, he went on a Twitter rant that spanned 24 hours. The first post of which made reference to Rian Johnson’s 2013 tweet regarding CinemaSin’s breakdown of Looper, which proved other directors feel the same way. 

The original tweet from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi director called CinemaSin’s treatment of Looper “oddly nasty.” 

Jordan Vogt Roberts soon found more support from Gary Whitta, the writer of The Book Of Eli, After Earth and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, who also took umbrage with CinemaSins. This only seemed to provoke Jordan Vogt Roberts even more, as he his criticism then became laced with expletives.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts even compared CinemaSins to Donald Trump at one point, insisting that they just lie to camera because they have the capabilities to do so.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Because after uploading about 22 Tweets on Tuesday, Jordan Vogt Roberts returned to social media on Wednesday to again unload on CinemaSins.

You should head to Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Twitter acount to check out his entire rant on CinemaSins, which he passionately released over a 24-hour period, and counting, as it really is a work of art. Meanwhile you can also watch CinemaSin’s Kong: Skull Island video, which kick-started his tirade, below.

You can expect plenty more remarks from both CinemaSins and Jordan Vogt-Roberts in the coming hours and days.