Three children stood talking in Lord Of The Flies
[Photo: Columbia Pictures]

Sometimes Hollywood just can’t help itself. Over the last decade studios have developed a fetish for bringing sequels, reboots, and basically anything that isn’t original to the big-screen. The huge box-office receipts for these films prove that it has worked wonders, but now it appears as though they have gone too far.


That’s because an all-female remake of ‘Lord Of The Flies’ is currently in the works, which proves that Hollywood really didn’t get the point of the book at all.


Scott McGehee and David Siegel have been tasked with overseeing the third adaptation of William Golding’s legendary 1954 novel, which is currently in development over at Warner Bros. The pair told Deadline that they are intent on creating a “very faithful but contemporized adaptation of the book,” but just with girls instead of boys.


This immediately led to cries of derision from the good people of the world wide web, who pointed out that the plot of ‘Lord Of The Flies’ simply wouldn’t have happened with women. 





That’s an awful lot of hate for Scott McGhee and David Siegel to overcome. Unfortunately for the pair films that are usually savaged in this manner before production end up struggling to regain their credibility, and flounder either critically, financially, or, most of the time, both.