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Shot in just 11 days, it has been a startling rise for 'Do It Like An Hombre,' the new film starring Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez, which was a huge hit Mexican movie earlier this year, and will premiere in the US on September 1.


"The film hits theaters on Labor Day and this will be a very exciting time for us," Chilean actress Ignacia Allamand told Metro in the United States, where on Tuesday night the film had its premiere at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles.


"It was incredible, the room was full. The reaction of the audience was amazing with an applause at the end. The red carpet was a very entertaining experience with people from all around Latin America... `It was an ultra good reception and it gave me happiness", he recalled about the first screening of the film in the US.


"In 'Do It Like An Hombre', I’m the protagonist’s wife, a liberal-minded woman who has to contain her partner, who is a homophobe and finds out that his best friend has just come out," explained Luciana, the wife of Raul (Mauricio Ochmann), who has worked with director Nicolás López several times.


The comedy, directed by Nicolás López and produced by Miguel Asensio Llamas and Rodrigo Trujillo, broke records when it was originally released in Mexico, reaching an audience of 1.3 million in just four days. To date, the film has already been seen by 3.44 million people and has made $9 million dollars.


The film will debut in the United States this coming holiday weekend in 390 theaters, while director Nicolás López, actors Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn Derbez and Chilean Ignacia Allamand will go on a promotional tour to Miami, NY and Los Angeles.

 A casual look at coming out

"Me and Nicolás are a team and we have been working together for a long time and this time we modified the cast including Mexican actors and the result was incredible. Mauricio and Aislinn are a great force," revealed Ignacia.

"I also became friends with Poncho Dosal and Humberto Busto. I think we created a very interesting human group that is evidently reflected in the final result of the film, " she said.

When discussing her recent success, Allamand was keen to stress the importance of this type of message for the Latin American society: "I think there are many factors that contributed to the success of this film. At first and most importantly, I think the story has a very good premise. It is a novel way of making humor and that strikes a chord with the Mexican macho, the Mexican (and Latin American) culture where being 'macho' is so ingrained as well as the great cast that participated. "