Eli Roth and Omar Doom sat in a cinema
Photo: Universal Pictures

Financially stricken film fans no longer need to contemplate selling a kidney to meet movie ticket prices, because MoviePass has announced a new deal that allows its subscribers to see up to 31 movies a month for just $9.95.


That’s right, MoviePass’s new package allows people to watch one movie per day in a theater all for under $10 per month. In months with 31 days, that works out at 32.096 cents per film, when there’s 30 days in a month it’ll cost you 33.16 cents, while in common Februarys with 28 days you’ll be spending 35.53 cents per film. That’s as long as you get to a film every day of the month, of course.


There are a few caveats to this subscription, though, as it doesn’t include going to 3D or IMAX screenings. However, the fact that it will work at 91 percent of the cinemas in the United States should help cover those oversights. If you decide to purchase a MoviePass you will be able to use it at your nearest Cinemark, AMC and Regal, as well as numerous independent chains across the country.


MoviePass’s CEO Mitch Lowe is confident that this new deal will help to bring audiences flocking back to cinemas. The company’s analysis and studying has found that moviegoers’ main gripe with going to the cinema is the surge in ticket prices, rather than the rise of Netflix, which has meant that the hassle of going to the multiplex just can’t compete the ease of watching a film at home. The average cost of watching a film in theaters has risen from to $6.88 in 2007 to $8.84 in the first quarter of 2017.


According to Bloomberg Moviepass was able to take this risk after they sold a huge stake in the company to Helios And Matheson Analytics Inc on Tuesday. Now it’s up to returning moviegoers to prove that it was one worth taking.