Blade Runner 2049
Jared Leto looks weird in "Blade Runner 2049," as he usually does. Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s a new “Blade Runner 2049” trailer, so let’s not forget this: The original “Blade Runner” was a bomb. Audiences stayed away from the 1982 sci-fi thriller, in which Harrison Ford played a police officer tasked with hunting down rogue androids, known as “replicants.” It was too slow, too moody — and also too compromised, with a studio-enforced happy ending and a hard-boiled narration track that sounds like Ford is hopped-up on cold medication (or that he simply didn’t want to deliver it, which is actually true).

It didn’t take long for “Blade Runner”’s fate to change. By the early ’90s, it became one of the first films to receive a director’s cut, which brought back director Ridley Scott’s original (and even slower and moodier) vision. Now it’s a classic, considered one of the greatest films of all time. (Think about that the next time an unusual film is rejected by the masses. Our bets are on the little-loved “Chappie” being one day seen as a classic 2015 was too stupid to get. And we don’t even like “Chappie” that much.)

In any case, the trailer is a Major Internet Moment today, especially because it stars Ryan Gosling and also Ford himself, who has found quite a late career renaissance reprising roles in his old movies. And it reveals that the new “Blade Runner” won’t just be a rip-off of the original “Blade Runner.” We see almost none of the first’s iconic portrait of a cramped, dirty, neon-drenched city, which has been replaced by fancier technology, bigger special effects and, in the trailer’s second half, blindingly bright desert locales.

We’re of course not sure what it’s even about. Why is Gosling’s new blade runner hunting for Ford’s Deckard? Does Deckard returning mean he’s not a replicant, as many have spent years assuming? And what’s up with Jared Leto’s eyes? Guess we’ll find out on October 6! Watch the trailer below:


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