Alicia Vikander laying on top of Dane DeHaan
[Photo: The Weinstein Company]

If you’ve been keeping track of the release of Tulip Fever you’ll be very much aware that it has been, well, eventful. Originally touted for release in July 2015, it is now due out at the start of September, and that’s only half the story. But while its release has been nothing short of a disaster, it turns out that The Weinstein Company has had an ace up their sleeve when it comes to appealing to viewers.


That’s now emerged in the shape of a very, very R-rated trailer for Tulip Fever that features a scantily clad Alicia Vikander. It has actually already been banned from television because of the fact that it’s basically porn. You can watch this red-band trailer for Tulip Fever below. Obviously, it’s NSFW, and you’ll soon see why.



While the above does a sterling job of revealing that Tulip Fever is going to involve some rather raunchy scenes involving the Academy Award winning Vikander and Dane DeHaan it doesn’t really give you a general idea of what the film will consist of. 


For those of you that are interested in that kind of thing, Tulip Fever is set in the Netherlands in the 17th century and revolves around Dane DeHaan’s Jan Van Loos, an artist that falls in love with Alicia Vikander’s Sophia Sandvoort. The problem is she’s married to Christoph Waltz’s Cornelis Sandvoort, who has hired Jan to paint her portrait. 


Shot all the way back in 2014, Tulip Fever has now been delayed on four separate occasions, which has led to suggestions that The Weinstein Company have no faith in it, despite spending $25 million on its production. This red-band trailer is their final roll of the dice, and they will be hoping that audiences will now flock to see The Tulip Fever when it’s finally released on September 1.