Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch in Set It Up
[Image: Netflix]

Glen Powell has credited all of the women involved in Set It Up with making the romantic comedy feel unique and special, insisting that they added an emotional intelligence to the film.

Powell, who plays the underpaid and overworked assistant to Taye Diggs that joins forces with Lucy Liu’s assistant (Zoey Deutch) so that they can both get their bosses in a relationship that will in turn give them more freedom, opened up to me about the film earlier this week.

During our conversation Powell pointed out that “Set It Up’s” director, writer and producer, as well as all of the department heads, were women, something that was both “unique” and made the film feel really “special.”

“What was really unique about this movie is that all the big brains behind this film are females. You have Claire Scanlon (director), Katie Silberman (writer), Juliet Berman (producer), and all the department heads are female. Obviously our leading lady is Zoey.”


“So you have a lot of female minds on this thing. Most women are more emotionally intelligent than men are. What they did a great job of was making sure that none of the working relationships were stereotypes.”

“They did a pretty good job of making them feel familiar, and people who we have seen before. People that want careers so bad, but when it comes down to it that’s their conflict, and that’s what we are trying to resolve.”

“But I think they did a great job of grounding all of that. I would attribute that to all of the women on the film, because they really did make this a special movie.”

You can see for yourself whether “Set It Up” does indeed feel special and unique now, as it has just been released on Netflix. You should watch it, too, because it possesses all of the hallmarks of the romantic comedy genre that are just delightful to watch unfold.

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