Arnold Schwarzenegger as Guardian in Terminator. Credit: Provided

If you’re a fan of the action-packed Terminator film series, you’ll be happy to learn that a Terminator 6 is on the way and the first image the film has been released.

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions tweeted an image of the first look at the new Terminator film, letting everyone know that Terminator 6 is in the works.

Terminator 6 cast

While the full cast of the film hasn’t been released,  it is certain that actresses Natalia Reyes (Dani), Mackenzie Davis (Grace) and Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conner) will star in the sixth installment of Terminator.

It's not clear who else will be in Terminator 6, but according to the film’s IMDb page the "Untitled Terminator Reboot" will also include Diego Boneta, Gabriel Luna and Enrique Arce. The film is directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool).


Terminator 6 cast. First image released

As soon as the Terminator first-look image was released, fans noticed the markings on Grace’s arms and came up with a theory that she may become a Terminator robot or some type of augmented human character.

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger be back?

The 71-year old actor confirmed he will be in Terminator 6 and has been busy with shooting. We know for sure Schwarzenegger will be in the film because he recently posted a video explaining he could not attend the Climate Action Pacific Partnership in Suva, Fiji because he’s been filming.

The Terminator star is making sure he stays in tip-top shape for his upcoming film. Schwarzenegger celebrated his 71st birthday on July 30 and posted a video of himself on Instagram showing everyone he’s staying fit.

Terminator 6 shooting locations, behind the scenes video

According to Teaser Trailer, the film is being shot in Spain, Hungary and the U.K. The website also posted a video showing what appears to be film crew at a location in Spain setting up for a shot. The video shows skeletons scattered in the sand next to a crashed helicopter. 

Terminator 6 release date

Collider reports that Terminator 6 has been in production since June and the film has a scheduled release date of November 22, 2019. Because the film is in its early production stages, it will be some time before we get to see the official Terminator 6 trailer. 

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