There are many surprising elements to Bumblebee. 

First and foremost there’s the fact that it has been critically acclaimed. Rightfully, too, as it is a heartfelt and funny coming of age story that also just so happens to feature Robots In Disguise.

As result, many have labelled it the best installment to the Transformers franchise yet. 

But arguably the most surprising part of Bumblebee is just how many songs by The Smiths are in it. While the inclusion of the band’s music makes sense, as the film is set in 1987, it still beggar’s belief that Bigmouth Strikes Again and Girlfriend In A Coma are featured in key scenes in a Transformers blockbuster.


Is The Smiths' music really in Bumblebee?

But how did the work of Morrissey and Johnny Marr end up in Bumblebee?

“I really f***ing like The Smiths,” writer Christina Hodson tells Metro. “When I was 18 I got into The Smiths and … I just f***ing love them. How can you not?”

“Honestly, for me, The Smiths were like the first time that I was choosing my own music, weirdly. When I was younger I just listened to what ever was around.So when I listened to The Smiths I was like, ‘Oh yes! This is me. I love everything about them. I love the words. It is so weird. The songs are strange!’”

Much like the rest of us, Hodson still can’t quite believe that the music and lyrics from the band actually ended up being used in such key moments of Bumblebee.

“The fact that they let me keep Girlfriend In A Coma lyrics at the end of the movie in a really sentimental moment, how great is that?”

But when it comes to the main character of Bumblebee, there’s bad news ahead for Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie. Because not only does the end of the film see Bumblebee leave her behind, but by September of 1987 The Smiths had split up, too.

“It is all over for her. It is all downhill for her,” says Hodson. “The sequel should be just her sitting there re-listening to old Smiths song.”

Or, as I suggested, the franchise should just move a few years ahead and continue to show Transformers getting into Mancunian bands.

My idea?

Optimus Prime listening to Oasis and going to Knebworth.

You're welcome, Hollywood. 

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