Christopher Plummer and Vera Farmiga
[Image: Sony Pictures Classic]

Vera Farmiga was immediately interested in appearing in Boundaries.

Not only did she have an old friendship with its writer and director Shana Feste, but she had always wanted to star in a comedy about dark subject matter, too.

But the moment that Farmiga knew she had to say yes to “Boundaries” came when Feste told her Christopher Plummer was going to play her father. Farmiga didn’t need to hear anything more. She was in.

Farmiga recently admitted that at that point she also started to immediately envision the playful interactions that she would partake in with the Academy Award winner during the shooting of their road-trip movie


Farmiga jokingly told me that she thought, “I can’t wait to wrestle that dude. I can’t wait to headlock him, and give him an old fashion nuggie and wet-willy him every chance we get. I thought we could figure out polyphonic harmonies to Edelweiss, roo”

However, Farmiga had to learn the hard way about Plummer’s aversion to revisiting a certain iconic musical. “But, no. The dude does not want to talk ‘The Sound Of Music.’ Don’t ever mention it to him.”

After putting her quips firmly to one-side, Farmiga really opened up about working with Plummer, admitting that the duo instantly got a long after they partook in a very “fancy dancy dinner in Vancouver.” Although she admitted that the assistance of booze was key.  

“We had a fancy dancy dinner in Vancouver, and I didn’t know whether to play it cool or what to wear. I assumed he was going to be in a tweed jacket.”

“But don’t let the button downs fool you, because the first thing he did was crack open a bottle of champagne and it went to my head. We clicked into each other very quickly.”

“He was very warm-heated and joyful. So I think I am, too. And so is Shana. And we are affectionate people, and are quick to share that affection.”

While filming “Boundaries,” which revolves around a daughter and her son driving her pot-selling father across the country, Farmiga, Plummer and their young co-star Lewis MacDougall bonded over the simplest of games, as she revealed that the trio played “eye spy with my little eye” during their time together in the “sweaty car.”

It worked a treat. Because that bond and affection is there for all to see in “Boundaries,” which is now in select cinemas across the country.

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