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There are some actors that just make movies great, even if the plot is so-so and the special effects are cheesy. Call it charisma or screen presence or anything else; you know it when you see it. So for those days when you’ve skimmed through the content libraries of several streaming services and can’t seem to find anything, turn to one of the reliable films featuring an always-welcome face on the silver screen. These are all the Will Smith movies on Netflix right now.

It’s not just a friendly face that will keep bringing you back to Will Smith movies on Netflix. Don’t forget about the fact that many of the films he stars in are suitable for the whole family and end on a happy note, so they’re fine even right before bed.

Sadly, you’re not going to find his entire oeuvre on the streaming service. Netflix does, after all, rotate their content. So while you’ll find a couple Will Smith movies on Netflix right now, you might have to wait until later in the year to catch others. Still, we’ll keep track of which they add so you always have a go-to watch list.

Will Smith movies on Netflix in June 2018

We hope you aren’t crossing your fingers for any particular Will Smith movies on Netflix since the offerings, while quality, are a little slim right now. The popular streaming service has managed to make their slim offerings pretty diverse, though, so you’ll be able to find a movie to suit your mood.


will smith movies on netflix seven pounds

The Will Smith movies on Netflix right now, as of June 2018, are the Netflix original Bright, Seven Pounds and Bad Boys. That means you have a fantasy, drama and action to choose from, which is enough to get most of you through even the most stubborn waves of feeling like you can’t find anything to watch. If you were hoping for Hitch or the Men In Black series, keep checking back. Metro US will track the changes Netflix makes to its content library and update this story when more Will Smith movies are added.

So what will it be? Fighting supernatural crime and questioning stereotypes with Bright? Love, redemption and drama in the tearjerker Seven Pounds? Or maybe just a good old throwback to the 90s courtesy of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence playing Miami narcotics cops in Bad Boys? If you ask us, you really can’t go wrong.

will smith movies on netflix bright
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