Anders Holm on the future of the Workaholics gang
[Image: Netflix]

The end of Workaholics after seven seasons last year, and the fact that its stars Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm have been busy with separate projects since, had led to some concerns that their new Netflix comedy Game Over, Man! might mark the end of their working relationship.

I recently spoke to Anders Holm about “Game Over, Man!,” which he also wrote as well as co-starred in, and during our conversation I asked whether the trio planned on collaborating long into the future.

“That’s the plan,” Holm responded, before then going into why he wants to carry on working alongside DeVine and Anderson. “We have had an essence since we were shooting our initial sketches before ‘Workaholics’.”

“Obviously that gave us the platform to show what we can do together, and now that it is over, it’s over. But we get to do this movie ‘Game Over, Man!’ Hopefully that will resonate with people.”


The “Workaholics” gang clearly enjoyed working alongside Netflix, because Holm went on to insist that he hopes the streaming website “allows them to make another movie. Maybe a sequel. Maybe something totally different.”

“But I love working with the guys, and I love the product that we put out. Everything we make I find funny, and I have a great time doing it. So why wouldn’t I keep doing it?”

Holm insisted that the trio, as well as their frequent collaborator Kyle Newacheck, who directed “Game Over, Man!,” “have a pretty deep well” of ideas to turn to, while also joking, “Granted each project will include a penis in it at some point. That’s our trademark. Our calling card. Our calling co** if you will.”

“But the well is deep. And we all gravitate towards each other because we are all light and relaxed and we love working together. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we still keep on making each other laugh.”

“Granted we only have a particular shelf life in terms of making stuff, but I would rather be making something that was fun rather than slogging through for a pay check.”

Warning: There are SPOILERS ahead for “Game Over, Man!” ahead. So if you haven’t seen the Netflix comedy then you should proceed cautiously.

The conclusion to “Game Over, Man!” certainly tees up a sequel, as the recently minted Alexxx (Adam DeVine), Joel (Blake Anderson), and Darren (Anders Holm) are partying on a yacht surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women and men, unaware that a group of terrorists are on the way to seemingly attack them.

“Yeah, we teed up a sequel,” Holm freely admitted. “That last scene was a reshoot, because people didn’t love the original one as much. Netflix wanted us to have one that was a little bit more aspirational. And we were like, ‘OK.’ Whether they will put their money where their mouth is remains to be seen.”

Holm also revealed the original ending for “Game Over, Man!” to me, too.

“The original last line to the movie was the guys looking up at a billboard of a video game that has been made because of what happens in the movie. My character says, ‘I don’t get the title.’ Adam says, ‘It’s from the movie ‘Predator’ you idiot.’ Which it’s not. That was my last final bit of like these guys are idiots and I hope that people understand that.”

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