God's Not Dead 4
[Image: Pure Flix Entertainment]

God’s Not Dead has proven to be a pretty big moneymaker for Pure Flix Entertainment, as the two films have grossed close to $90 million despite costing just $7 million to make. 


The third installment to this franchise “A Light In Darkness” will undoubtedly add to that amount now that it has been released in cinemas, and if it manages to rival the success of its predecessors then it is safe to assume that Pure Flix Entertainment will seriously consider making and releasing a fourth film, too. 



I recently had the chance to speak to David A. R. White, who has played the character of Reverend Dave throughout the “God’s Not Dead” series, as well as producing the films, and he insisted that they haven’t even “approached” the possibility of a fourth film yet. 


“We always knew that we wanted to make three of them. This is the third one. Whether or not this is the last one or not, I honestly don’t know. We have just all been focusing on this film.”


“We didn’t just want to make a third movie to make a third movie. We wanted to make sure that every single one of these had a specific point and a purpose behind it and was culturally relevant and unique and organic and authentic. And I think we did that.”


There is certainly still room for the “God’s Not Dead” series to grow, as “A Light In Darkness” introduced Reverend Dave’s brother Pearce to the franchise, who was played by John Corbett. The dynamic between the duo was one of the highlights of the film, while there is clearly plenty more to explore with their relationship, too.


All of that will obviously depend on the box office success of “God’s Not Dead: A Light In Darkness,” though, which is now in cinemas. 

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