MTV White People

Journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas created "White People" to get young pMTV

Four out of five young adults in the U.S. feel uncomfortable talking about race, according to a study conducted by MTV. That's unfortunate news considering racial tensions are still making front page news on a regular basis.

To help start a dialogue, MTV's Look Different campaign is partnering with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, to produce a documentary that gives an up-close look at five white young adults, exploring their views and experiences in relation to racial identity.

The documentary, which will air July 22, touches on hot topic issues such as immigration and white privilege. “We saw last week the dire effects racism gone unchecked has on our communities. The need for an honest and open conversation about the roles race and white privilege play in our society is more needed than ever,” says Vargas, referring to the Charleston shooting.“Race is a sensitive subject no matter who you are and our goal with the documentary is to treat each person, story and community featured in the documentary with the utmost respect, all while exploring what race means to them.”

Get a first look at "White People" below:

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