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Music exec rips Grammys, supports Bieber, Eminem

In New York Times ad, Stoute says awards show has lost touch with pop culture.

A music big-wig has taken to the New York Times to blast the Grammy Awards as "a series of hypocrisies and contradictions" and ripped the show for failing to keep in touch with pop culture, specifically pointing to recent and past snubs of Eminem and Kanye West, and asking "How is it that Justin Bieber, an artist that defines what it means to be a modern artist, did not win Best New Artist?"

Steve Stoute took out a full-page ad in the Times for an open letter to Grammy organizers and its 12,000-odd voters, Billboard.com reported.

"Over the course of my 20-year history as an executive in the music business and as the owner of a firm that specializes in in-culture advertising, I have come to the conclusion that the Grammy Awards have clearly lost touch with contemporary popular culture," wrote Stoute, who is currently CEO of the marketing company Translation. "Unfortunately, the awards show has become a series of hypocrisies and contradictions, leaving me to question why any contemporary popular artist would even participate."

Eminem, this year's leading contender, lost in most of the major categories for which he was nominated. Two-time nominee Bieber went home empty-handed and disappointed.

"We must acknowledge the massive cultural impact of Eminem and Kanye West and how their music is shaping, influencing and defining the voice of a generation," Stoute wrote.

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