MuteMath, who began their national tour last week, almost called it quits while writing and recording the recently released “Armistice.”

“We managed to get sucked into the vortex of arguing about music,” says lead singer Paul Meany.
Fans shouldn’t be nervous, though. The New Orleans-based band settled their musical differences and produced a solid follow-up to their self-titled first album.

“We wanted to get back to where it started for us,” Meany says of recording the new album in the group’s hometown. “I think inadvertently we definitely captured the true soul of this band on this record. I’m really very proud of that.”


“Armistice,” which was released in August, has the familiar electronic vibes and smooth melodies of the group’s previous work. Hits such as “Spotlight” prove that the band hasn’t reached the creative end that members once thought.

Still, they’re in no hurry to get back to the tense atmosphere of the studio.

“For the first time, which is really nice, we’re on tour and just enjoying being on tour,” he says. “We’re just enjoying letting this record come to life right now.”

with As Tall As Lions
Tonight, 8, House of Blues
15 Lansdowne St., Boston
MBTA: Green Line to Kenmore

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