Muy Cansado seem in a rush to play a hometown CD release show for their second full-length, "Let It Go." The official national release isn't until January, but with the Boston-based pop-rock trio's last album coming out so long ago -- their debut "Stars & Garters," was issued in 2008 -- they're quite ready to air their wares.

"We wanted to just get it out," admits singer and guitarist Chris Mulvey. "These songs took a while. We began recording in March of 2011. The first five songs were the most challenging we've ever done. There were parts of the recording process that were super-smooth and easy. Then there was a time when we just couldn't do it because of everyone's schedule."

But Mulvey says there was no pulling of hair or anxiety.

"We didn't want to start rushing and not get what we wanted. We thought about releasing the five songs as another EP but decided to go full-length."


A couple of older songs were added before they recorded two new songs and found themselves in new sonic territory.

"The title track is significantly different. Before we were writing very Bob Dylan-y," says Mulvey. "But with 'Let It Go,' we thought we could make it disjointed and dance-y. Once we got cooking, we got really excited. It took us out of our normal element. It was kind of a trip."

Then it was time to let it go and get it out.

"It did feel drawn out," Mulvey says of the process, "but it never felt exhausting. Getting it done sometimes just takes time."

The beat goes on

After Friday’s gig, drummer Jon Ulman will be replaced by Reyna Herrera. “Jon was a huge part of the CD,” says Mulvey. “When you’re in a trio, everybody plays a real big part. He moved us toward the more dance-oriented sound. He had to play the CD release show.”

If you go

Muy Cansado

with Naked on Roller Skates, Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins and OldJack

Friday, 8 p.m.

Middle East Upstairs

472 Mass. Ave., Cambridge

$10, 18+, 617-864-3278

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