Guess who's going to grace (we're sorry) your television screens on "Dancing with the Stars" this fall?


Yes, that's right, fiery television personality Nancy Grace is joining the cast of the hit reality show for its thirteenth season. Does she have a chance? Let's look at her competition:


Chaz Bono: Nancy could dance circles around this joker.


Ricki Lake: "[Condescending laughter]"


Rob Kardashian: Yeah, he'd be tough to beat -- if he were his sister.


Elisabetta Canalis: Who?

J.R. Martinez: Good luck, sir, and we salute you for your service, but no.

Kristen Cavallari: In your dreams!

David Arquette: Get a load of this bozo.

Chynna Phillips:
"Is she the incest one? Oh, she's not. Not interested."

Hope Solo:
Let's be honest, Nancy would probably have to cheat to get past her. Start schemin' now, Nance!

Ron Artest: The only person in the cast who is crazier than Nancy Grace. We've got our money on him.