Director/choreographer Vanessa White (aka Sugar Dish, founder of burlesque troupe Babes in Boinkland) uses her extensive ballet background and burlesque styles, intertwined with pop culture to create a production that is technically good and cleverly rewritten to complement Tchaikovsky’s classical score.

In White’s interpretation, Clara (Sarah “Malice in Wonderland” Josselyn) and Fritz (Paolo Piselli aka Paolomania) are a couple. Fritz proposes to Clara, and while she is excited, her aunt Drosselmeyer (played by 87-year-old Mary Dolan) thinks that the nuptials are too soon and Clara should explore her sexual side. After a battle with an ugly Christmas sweater brigade, the Slutcracker Prince (Erik Liddell) takes Clara to a sexual universe that includes highlights such as S&M Russians, Dance of the Reed Pole, horny Polichinelles, and the dance of the Sugar Dish Fairy.

After last year’s sold-out debut, White was able to extend the run and entertain more audiences. Now, a season later, “Slutcracker” is that much better, and this “sexy freaky holiday zeitgeist” will grow in popularity for many years to come.


‘The Slutcracker: A Burlesque’
Through Sunday
Somerville Theatre
55 Davis Square, Somerville
MBTA: Red Line to Davis
$20-$25, 18+, 617-625-5700

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