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Are you tired of celebrities being all coy and secretive about the details of their personal lives? Well good news, because Naya Rivera is here to buck that trend. The former "Glee" star has been blogging her way through her pregnancy, and things are really starting to get interesting in her little world of over-sharing.

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"After months of changes, anticipation and excitement, it's finally here — the third trimester," she writes. "When I reached the final leg of my pregnancy, I was ecstatic. I could see the finish line and it felt so good. Sure, my back was on fire and I was tipping the scales at numbers I didn't think I could ever reach, but who cares? We're almost done! Being in my third trimester means hard work is ahead and every day a new body part aches or seemingly falls apart. But it also comes with its share of really fun and exciting things, too."

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You can visit her blog for more on that, if you want to learn all about her nesting instinct and baby shower planning.

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