NBC reveals its new fall schedule

What kind of superhero skill will Zachary Levi have?

Christos Kalohoridis, NBC

Remember the days when NBC dominated Thursday nights with comedies? Those days are long past, as the network revealed its fall plans, and the shows they're airing tend towards the dramatic, rather than comedic. Though as usual we fully expect some unintentionally funny dramas to make it on the air. Below, we've listed out the full schedule, including plot summaries of the new shows,so you can start taking bets on what will be the first to get canceled.




8-10 P.M. — “The Voice”


10-11 P.M. — “Blindspot”


We've all had our bad mornings, but none quite so bad as the main character in "Blindspot" (played by Jaimie Alexander, who you might have seen in the "Thor" movies). She wakes up naked and heavily tattooed with no memories in Times Square. The twist, other than a spectacularly unpleasant night that will surely be revealed in flashback? Each tattoo corresponds to a case the FBI is working on, including the name of one of the FBI agents.


8-9 P.M. — “The Voice”

9-10. PM. — “Heartbreaker”

This show sounds a little bit like last season's indifferently received comedy "Bad Judge." This time, the main character is a brilliant heart transplant surgeon, who has a "racy personal life," according to NBC. Melissa George and her finest American accent star, and Dave Annable (most recently of "Red Band Society") stars as the handsome man she should probably treat better.

10-11 P.M. — “Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris” (through November)

This is a very confident title for a new show that is essentially a variety show. This isn't the first attempt by networks to create popular variety shows in recent years, but it is the first one with Neil Patrick Harris? The man is perpetually charming, but we're not sure if even he can make modern audiences tune in for a variety show. But there will be appearances by A list stars! And mini game shows! Wait, this sounds like an episode of the "Tonight Show."

10-11 P.M. — “Chicago Fire” (premieres in November)


8-9 P.M. — “The Mysteries of Laura”

9-10 P.M. — “Law & Order: SVU”

10-11 P.M. — “Chicago P.D.”


8-9 P.M. — “Heroes Reborn”

Party like it's 2006! "Heroes" is back, and in fact, it is "reborn." There are a few returning cast members, notably Masi Oka and Jack Coleman, and "Chuck" star ZacharyLevi has joined the fold. That fills their Zachary quota, however, so don't expect any Quinto returns.There will also be a web-only digital series prior to the premiere, if you're into that kind of thing.

9-10 P.M. — “The Blacklist”

10-11 P.M. — “The Player”

OK, stay with us on this one, because it has a complicated premise. Wait, actually, the first thing you should know is that Wesley Snipes is in it. Remember him? OK, so here's how it works: There's this former military guy (played by the somehow not-British Philip Winchester) in Las Vegas who gets involved in a high stakes game with some wealthy eccentrics. But it's not poker. Instead, they bet on whether or not he can stop crimes from taking place. Oh, and he's playing because he blames this group of individuals for the death of his wife, so there's also a revenge factor. And Wesley Snipes. Did we mention Wesley Snipes?


8-8:30 P.M. — “Undateable”

8:30-9 P.M. — “People Are Talking”

Mark Paul Gosselaar stars in this sitcom (you may know him from "Franklin and Bash". Nah, we're just kidding, you know him from "Saved by the Bell") about two couples who talk about race and politics and romance. But in the trailer that mainly seems to mean discussing whether or not their babysitter is a porno actress. The series also stars Meaghan Rath, who was in "Being Human" on the Syfy network as a ghost, so we're glad she's taken corporeal form in her new show.

9-10 P.M. — “Grimm”

10-11 P.M. — “Dateline”


8-10 P.M. — “Dateline Saturday Night Mystery”

10-11 P.M. — “Saturday Night Live” (Classic encores)


7-8:20 P.M. — “Football Night in America”

8:20-11 P.M. — “Sunday Night Football”

The Jennifer Lopez-starring "Shades of Blue," the "Coach" relaunch, "Game of Silence," "You, Me and the End of the World" and "Chicago Med" will get mid season premieres. Check out a few of the trailers below.

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