It's kind of sad that we're edging toward Labor Day and we still don't have an undisputed Song of the Summer for 2015 yet, but B.o.B. has a late-in-the-game nominee. The rapper just released "Netflix and Chill," a coy hook-up track that commandeers the Internet's favorite new term for getting down.

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And the track is pretty damn forward — but then why play it cool? We all know what we're talking about here."I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill,I got drink and smoke and d—if you come through for real.I was thinkin' Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill,I wake up and need it up, that's a bed and breakfast for real," he raps."How about we take this up a notch?I'mma pour you up a glass of potion, rubbing down the lotionTrying toset the mood and get it right, do a bunch of freak s—you like."

Aw, how considerate! You can enjoy the track in its entirety here:


So will the streaming service make the most of this free advertising? If any entertainment titan was savvy enough to work a track like this into its marketing, it's Netflix.

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But now the world needs to know: Is B.o.B. more of a "House of Cards" man or an "Orange is the New Black" kind of guy? Or maybe "Inside Kimmy Schmidt"? Listen closely and he'll give you an answer.

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