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Netflix dropped the ‘Girlboss’ trailer today and it’s surprisingly irritating

Spoiler alert: This is way different from the book we loved.
Karen Ballard/Netflix

Yikes. Netflix released the trailer for “Girlboss” today and the vibe is way different from the straight-forward, down-to-earth book on which it’s based. The actress who plays Sophia Amoruso (Britt Robertson) delivers such a caricatured version of the fashion biz phenom that even the trailer is hard to watch. She takes the eye of the tiger spirit of the female entrepreneur a little too far. It's as if every #girlboss meme joined together to become a living, breathing person.

The series was written by Kay Canon, the screenwriter behind over-the-top, teen musical Pitch Perfect, so the fact that this incarnation of “Girlboss” is also over-the-top isn’t surprising.

Another odd development is that Nasty Gal, the fashion business that made Sophia Amoruso famous, filed for bankruptcy in November 2016. Will that be covered in the new series, or simply glossed over to the beat of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

You can watch the trailer below.

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