The four musicians that make up eclectic pop/rock band Neville Jacobs (Chris Jacobs, singer, Ivan Neville, singer, Tony Hall, bassist, and Brady Blade, drummer) had a problem. They were working on their debut album when they ran out of money.The group joined forces in 2012 after seeing each other perform and decided to release tracks online, but lacked the money to remix and complete and entire album.Lacking management to finance and guide them, the guys turned to Kickstarter to raise the funds.


Unlike the dozens of bands who have used Kickstarter, Neville Jacobs is turning fundraising into an interactive fan experience. The band is randomly selecting fans who help fund the album and giving the chance to join in the studio, experiencing the recording process with them.


Their goal is to raise $27,000 and fans have until March 20 to donate.


3 other celebrities using Kickstater:


TLC: The two surviving membersare recording the girl group's final album and are turning to fans to help.

Adrian Grenier: The actor and known environmentalist is using the site to find his "Lonely Whale" documentary, which he is filming with Josh Zeman.

Zosia Mamet: The "Girls" starand her sister Clara of the folk music band called “The Cabin Sisters” fundraised money to create their first music video in 2013.